Replacing Programming of Financial Trading

Custom Big Data in Milliseconds
Custom Charts
Custom Indicators
Custom Strategies
Custom Automated Trading
From months to seconds on a Smartphone

The Background
Fixed Financial Trading
Today´s financial trading is what we call Fixed Financial Trading.

Charts, indicators, signals, strategies are fixed providede by the broker, and cannot be changed by the user, unless he is willing or have the time to program.

The main input to financial trading is technical indicators, however there are only six base technical indicators, the rest are a decent. This does not give an edge - Fixed Financial Trading is the last barrier separating the retail from the institutional trader.
Custom Financial Trading
Institutional and professional traders have for decades been using Custom Financial Trading, programming their own custom charts, indicators, signals and strategies for automated trading - giving them the edge. This segment has the resources either for inhouse development, or outsourcing the development.

However, even for this segment the traditional development by programming is becoming an increasing problem as markets now change faster than custom trading can be programmed.

Replacing Programming
Most sectors have already replaced programming; web site development and desktop applications would be almost impossible to develop today without visual development tools - but the financial sector is still using programming across the major areas.

TickCOM has successfully replaced programming within all the major areas of financial trading; charts, indicators, strategies, automated trading, strategy development on Smartphones - resulting in an array of proprietary technologies for visual development of financial trading.