Visual Development in Seconds

A complete new art environment

For the experienced and the new user
VisualStation is for the experienced user, and in particular for the non-programming users - but due to the simplicity of visual development also ideal for new traders seeking to enter financial trading. The development time has been cut from days/months to seconds/minutes.

Short learning curve
The visual development environment, where programming has been replaced, provide a development and trading environment having a very short learning curve, even for developing sophisticated and complex custom trading.

A complete new art environment
The development and trading environment is a complete and fully integrated environment, for custom development of literally any kind of technical indicator, signal, or strategy for automated trading.

Speed of development
Speed of development is key in the change of market behaviour at an increasing speed, wherein the market now changes faster than custom trading can be developed by programming.

Using strategies to enter trades
Sophisticated strategies can be developed in seconds/minutes, to be used for automatically or semi-automatically entering a position.

Using strategies to exit trades
Sophisticated strategies can be developed in seconds/minutes, to be used for automatically or semi-automatically exit a position.

Strategy development on a Smartphone
The state of the art technologies from VisualStation combined with AI and machine learning is used in the Robo-IQ app to cut the development time of a strategy from moths to a few seconds on a Smartphone.

Gaminfication of financial trading
The Robo-IQ app is detached from financial trading, as the user does not need to know about financial trading, charts, indicators or strategy development.

The next after Social & Robo-advisors
iRobo-IQ is an alternative to Social & Copy Trading and the next step, having same user experience, yet more easy to use.

Influence and choice
Entry level user dos not have any other choice than to follow other traders, or signals - even most users prefer to have an influence on the outcome. Robo-IQ provide this influence and choice.

Targeted at > 1 billion users
Having the ability to develop custom strategies within seconds on a Smartphone opens for a new market segment of entry level users, super users of Smartphones and computer games.

Traded 24/5 in the cloud
The portfolio of custom strategies is submitted to the Robo-IQ backend server, which will run and monitor the developed strategies 24/5 for the user.

Institutional grade using big data
The method of development used in Robo-IQ is similar to the institutional development, the process of development has been modified adding new visual technologies, moving the art of strategy development to a next level.